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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Russian poster book 

Andrey Logvin writes in his blog on May 19, 2004: 600 posters for 600 rubles Publishing house Contact-Kultura published an album "600 posters". The publication is extremely strange, because posters in it are assembled in subject chapters of the type "defect for the threshold!" (poster in the fight with the social evil), or "happy are borne under the Soviet star!" (motherhood and childhood in the Soviet poster). But in this case the book gives to unenlightened sufficiently wide idea about such powerful layers of culture as Russian and Soviet poster, and if you thus far did not gather the subject albums of the same publishing house - run into the book store "Moscow" and into other different "Biblioglobusy". One poster for one rup' - through several years you will recall as anecdote. (translated with Babelfish)
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