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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Wild posting in Zuerich (CH) 

In every city administration there are people who do not have enough to do and then start to worry about what is good for you and what not. In Zuerich (CH), they have decided that we should not see so many small posters put up all over the city, but there should be some order, and also fees for posting. With closer police surveillance, higher fines and people who take the posters down again, they claim to have reduced the numbers of wild posters by more than 90%, see Labile Situation bei den Kleinplakaten - Arbeitslosenprogramm gegen illegale Werbung (NZZ Online, 27. 5. 2004) (in german).

Seattle WA (US) became notorious for a similar program a few years ago, but that evil poster ban fortunately came to an end two years ago.

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