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Friday, September 03, 2004

The Gallery Maysternia in Kyiv, Ukraine 

Irina Ostromenskaia Volodimir Veshtak Irina Ostromenskaia and Volodimir Veshtak is an extraordinary couple, both poster designers and artists, and they run a poster shop and gallery where you would least expect it : In downtown Kyiv, Ukraine, at the former Dom Kudoshnikov on Artema Street. They frequently organize international poster exhibitions, and when I visited them a year ago, they were just dismantling one, as you can see in the pictures below, with posters from Iurii Surkov (RU), Alejandro Magallanes (MX), Joao Machado (PT), Fang Chen (CN) and more. Kari Piippo (FI) had a show earlier this year, and tonight, they open an exhibition of Peter Pocs from Hungary. Cities like New York or Paris could learn a lot from them, call +380-44-212 0547.

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