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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Book on the posters of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company 

Cover, based on an poster by Clement Dane Studio, 1932 Poster by Thomas Hall, 1938 Marc Choko, the Director of Design at the University of Quebec in Montreal just sent me the book he has written together with David L. Jones on the posters of the Canadian Pacific, published by Firefly Books.

The Canadian Pacific Railway Company, which also had ships and airplanes, is a national institution in Canada and published, over the years from 1883 to the 1970's more than 2500 posters. The authors have succeded to present this material not only as a beautiful travel poster book, but also an interesting illustration of canadian history.

See the details about the book in the New poster publications section of the Poster Page, or buy it now at amazon.com.

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