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Friday, December 24, 2004

Moscow Conceptual Posters from the 1990's 

The new russian book "Moscow Conceptual Posters from the 1990's" will be presented at the cultural center "Dom" on December 28 at 1900. It is a catalogue of an exhibition at the State Tretiakov Gallery, and includes posters by Iurii Bokser, Aleksandr Chantsev, Erik Belousov, Igor Gulitov, Anna Naumova, Boris Trofimov, Evgenii Dobrovinskii, Erken Kagarov, Elena Kitaeva, Andrei Logvin, Vladimir Chaika and many others. Book design is by Iurii Surkov, with texts by Sergei Serov.

The cultural center "Dom" is on Bolshoi Ovchinnikovskii Pereulok 24, Stroenie 4, next to Novokuznetskaia metro station.

The poster at left was designed by Erik Belousov for a concert and exhibition of Vladimir Tarasov. The news is from KAK magazine, where you find more images.


Cool poster! Never heard of the guy, but I like the look of it.

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