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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Winners of the Mexico Poster Biennial 2004 

The winners were announced by Xavier Bermudez, Director of the Bienal, on October 25, 2004 at the Museo Franz Mayer in Mexico City:

For more details, please see the official web page.

Category A: Carteles Culturales
1. Prize: Reza Abedini, Iran
2. Prize: Joanna Gorska and Jerzy Skakun, Poland
3. Prize: Renato Aranda Rodriguez, Mexico
Honorable Mention: Alain Le Quernec, France

Category B. Carteles de Contenido Social
1. Prize: Timo Andrew Berry, Finland
2. Prize: Chaz Maviyane-Davies, Zimbabwe
3. Prize: Alexander and Svetlana Faldin, Russia
Honorable Mention: Gianni Bortolotti, Italy
Honorable Mention: Tahamtam Aminian, Iran

Categoria C: Desierta

Categoria D: Carteles Contra la Impunidad
1. Prize: Victor Manuel Santos Gally, Mexico
2. Prize: Octavio Martino, Argentina
3. Prize: Koji Iyama, Japan

Categoria E: Publicitarios. Premio EUMEX
1. Prize: Nescafe de McCann-Ericson, Mexico
2. Prize: Nazca, Saatchi and Saatchi Mexico, Cruz Roja
3. prize: Lowe S.A. de C.V. Camel Cigarrera de Moderna
Honorable mention: Montenegro Communicacion, Se solicita

Premio "Carlos Lozano"
que se otorga al disenador joven mas destacado de Mexico: a Jose Manuel Morelos

Medalla a la Excellencia "Jose Guadalupe Posada"
El reconocimiento mas alto que otorga esta Biena es la Medalla a la Excellencia "Jose Guadalupe Posada" que se entrega al mas destacado personaje por su trascendente aportacion den Mexico: a Hector Rivero Borrel (the director of the Museo Franz Mayer)

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

International Biennial of the Poster in Mexico 

I'm leaving for the International Biennial of the Poster in Mexico. No more blogs for the next two weeks.
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Posters from Denmark in Gniezno (PL) 

The sixth of a series of poster exhibitions organized by the National Museum in Poznan will open on November 5, 2004 at 1300 at the Muzeum Poczatkow Panstwa Polskiego w Gnieznie (Museum of the Origins of Polish State in Gniezno, ul. Kostrzewskiego 1)

Gniezno Encounters with the Poster
The 6th Encounter: Denmark

Danish poster from the collection of the National Museum in Poznan

5th November 2004 - 27th February 2005

Posters and graphic design by Peter Gyllan are presented as a supplementary exposition. The poster exhibition is accompanied by presentation of Danish design from the collections of the National Museum in Poznan.

The exhibition is arranged in cooperation with the Danish Cultural Institute in Poland.

The poster above is by Bo Bendixen for a Haendel concert.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

van Sabben Poster Auction in The Netherlands 

The auction catalogue of van Sabben Poster Auctions arrived for their auction #24 on November 7, 2004 in Hoorn, The Netherlands.
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Sunday, October 17, 2004

PosterConnection auction in San Francisco 

The auction catalogue of PosterConnection Inc arrived for their auction # 18 on November 6, 2004 in San Francisco.
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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Winners of the 9. Triennial of Political Posters in Mons (BE), 2004 

1. Prize Alejandro Magallanes (MX)
2. Prize David Tartakover (IL)
3. Prize Leonel Sagahon Campero (MX)
4- Prize Andre Logvin (RU)

Price of the City of Lille 2004 Adela Vorbova (CZ)

Honorable Mention Aurelie Gosselin (BE)
Honorable Mention Ebrahim Haghighi (IR)
Honorable Mention Yossi Lemel (IL)
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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Jeschke, Greve & Hauff poster auction in Berlin 

The auction catalogue of Jeschke, Greve & Hauff arrived for their auction "Werbung, Design, Plakate" in Berlin (DE) on November 2, 2004.
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Posters in Frankfurt / Main 

I'm back from Frankfurt, Germany, where I visited the Book Fair (buildings in the background) and found some new poster books, and noticed some street posters: At left one of a series of selfpromotional posters for a poster company, at right for a financial magazine that encourages you to READ.
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Monday, October 11, 2004

Selected entries for the Ningbo Poster Biennial 

The preselection jury of the The 3rd International Poster Biennial, Ningbo (CN) 2004 has picked the posters of the following designers, from which the winners will be selected in November:

Anke Feuchtenberger , Reza Abedini , Au Tak - Shing Benny , Philippe Apeloig , Erich Brechbuehl , Jean - Benoit Levy , Bi Xuefeng , Andre Baldinger , Bai Zhiwei , Cyan , Alan Chan , Vladimir Chaika , Eric Chan Chiu Wang , Chermayeff & Geismar Inc , Chen Zhengda , Chang Xiao , Sandy Choi , Cai Shiwei , Chen Nan , Leslie Chan , Paul Davis , Studio Dumbar , Oded Ezer , Alan Fletcher , Alexander Gelman , Keith Godard , Guang Yu , April Greiman , Domenic K. Geissbuehler , Nakajima Hideki , He Jun , Fons Hickmann , Hung Lam , Han Jiaying , Han Zhanning , He Jianping , Alexander Isley , Dan Jonsson , Jiang Hua , Kan Tai - Keung , Dima Kavko , Lenz + Perrottet , Ken Tsai Lee , Yossi Lemel , Liang Xiouchuan + Xiao Yong , Lam Tik - Bong Paul , Liou Zhizhi , David Lancashire , Li Jiong , Wing - Chuen Tommy Li , Liou Gaoming , David Lo , Laboratoires CCCP, Dr. Peche + Melle Rose , John McConnell , Shin Matsunaga , Ma Shenguang , Bruno Monguzzi , Saed Meshki , Shinmura Norito , Anna Naumova , Gerard Paris - Clavel , Pan Qin , Stockholm Design Lab , Joe Scorsone & Alice Drueding , Gerwin Schmidt , Ralph Schraivogel , Stefan Sagmeister , Shinnoske Sugisaki , Franz Scholz , Rosmarie Tissi , Jchui Tsui , Tsui Janwe , Yukichi Takada , Martin Woodtli , Angus Wong , Xia Wenxi , Tadanori Yokoo , Eddy Yu , Eddy Yu + Hung + Lam + Ken Lo , James Victore , Yang Zhen , Yick Tat Wa , Catherine Zask , Zhao Qing , Leszek Zebrowski , Zhang Xiaoming , Zhang Yufei , Zhang Dali , Zhang Yuqiao

For more details see the web site from Design Online or the Call for entries.

News from Jiang Hua

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Friday, October 08, 2004

The posters of Leonetto Cappiello 

Jack Rennert, the president of Poster Auctions International in New York, has just published a monumental book on Leonetto Cappiello (1875 - 1942) - "The Father of the Modern Poster" - with 534 poster illustrations, well researched, a well designed book, well printed, beautiful, a dream of a poster book ...

It's release is accompanied by an exhibition of 100 Cappiello posters at The International Poster Center, 601 West 26th Street (between 11th and 12th Avenue), 13th floor, New York City, from September 24 to October 24, 2004.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Book on the posters of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company 

Cover, based on an poster by Clement Dane Studio, 1932 Poster by Thomas Hall, 1938 Marc Choko, the Director of Design at the University of Quebec in Montreal just sent me the book he has written together with David L. Jones on the posters of the Canadian Pacific, published by Firefly Books.

The Canadian Pacific Railway Company, which also had ships and airplanes, is a national institution in Canada and published, over the years from 1883 to the 1970's more than 2500 posters. The authors have succeded to present this material not only as a beautiful travel poster book, but also an interesting illustration of canadian history.

See the details about the book in the New poster publications section of the Poster Page, or buy it now at amazon.com.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Winners of Stage Poster Triennial 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria 

On 1 and 2 October 2004, the International Jury, consisting of the following members:
  • Alan Fletcher - England,
  • Susumo Endo - Japan,
  • Stasys Eidrigevicius - Poland,
  • Nikolay Sarafov - Germany,
  • Bojidar Ikonomov, Bojidar Yonov and Prof. Hristo Haralampiev - Bulgaria,
examined the art works included in the 4th International Triennial of stage Poster - Sofia 2004. In compliance with the regulations of the Triennial, the following awards were granted:
  • Grand Prix ­ a plastic "Golden Poster"

  • Two equal in value prizes ­ a bronze plaque
    JOAO MACHADO, Portugal (for general presentation)
    JAN BENOIT LEVY, Switzerland (for the poster "First Love")

  • A prize for a young artist (not older than 35) - a bronze plaque named after the eminent Bulgarian artist Assen Stareyshinski. RISZARD KAJZER, Poland

  • Diploma for debut - MILA LOZANOVA, Bulgaria

  • A prize of the City of Dimitrovgrad for Bulgarian artist STEFAN DESPODOV (for the poster "Magbet")

News from Bojidar Ikonomov, forwarded by Guy Schockaert, please see the original web site for more information.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Vladimir Dobrovinski from Moscow 

Vladimir Dobrovinski from Moscow would like to show you his posters. You find more of them on the Friends of Icograda page and also on the Coroflot portfolio page.

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Monday, October 04, 2004

Viktor Rutz, swiss poster designer and painter 

Viktor Rutz, a well known swiss poster designer, was wildly successful as a young man already, having created about 200 posters before he was 35. After World War 2, he suddenly became aware of the horrors of the concentration camps, and painted another version of a poster that he had designed for a cheese company in 1942. He turned away from a lucrative career in advertising and started to paint, changed his name to Victor Ruzo and traveled the world. Last year, at 91, he opened an exhibition of his paintings at the Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg, accompanied by his wife Ria. The double page at left is from the book and catalogue of that exhibition.
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Sunday, October 03, 2004

A selection of posters by Ghobad Shiva 

Cover 1977, Poster by Ghobad Shiva for an art festival Ghobad Shiva, born 1940, is one of the early graphic designers in Iran, being active as poster designer since 1964. He has just published a beautiful big book on his poster work including the latest designs from 2004.

See the details about the book in the New poster publications section of the Poster Page.

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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Exhibition of Belle Epoque posters in Brussels 

"Les murs s'affichent - affiches de la Belle Epoque" is the title of an exhibition at the Musee d'Ixelles in Brusssels, from October 10, 2004 to January 16, 2005. An illustrated catalogue will be published on the occasion.
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Friday, October 01, 2004

Swann Auction in New York on Oct 14, 2004 

The catalogue of Swann Galleries arrived for their auction of "100 Rare and Important American Posters" on October 14, 2004. The cover shows part of a poster by J.J. Gould jun. for the magazine Lippincott's (1897).
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